Dress Form

Our company offers a wide range of items and prices, to satisfy every kind of request.

Our products goes from the classic and high quality bust hand-stitched tailoring to the economic one, covered with a stretchable lining.

Our goal is to always satisfy all the requirements. That is why we do make also custom and bespoke works. We are able to work with any kind of fabric and to offer any kind of painting and finishing work. Our bust forms ranging from the classics to the most innovative, moving from our vintage line that blows our busts in the past. That let us jump into the past as well, as we’re proposing once again the old ways of working of the ancient Florentine antique dealers. Our techniques to work with the wooden and iron bases of our bust forms are all from that time. All the kind of finishing, from the aged walnut finish of the wood to the burnishing finish of the iron, that makes our vintage bust forms so realistic, are all lessons learned from the old antique dealers.

Once you buy one of our bust forms, you don’t only buy an item, you’re buying the product of people’s work, people who put in that passion and heart to realize it. You're buying our proud of satisfying your needs.

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