Dressmakers Mannequins

We have a wide range of choice in the tailoring busts.

The traditional process of tailoring busts, artfully sewn and finished by hand by our team of expert.

Every particular, every detail has een valued and realized with the best professionalism. For any requests and need we design, modify and improve the fashion and technical aspects of our bust forms.
Indeed our tailor forms are all made with the higest attention to proportion and details.
We work, create and made always after long and reasoned discussions, to obtain always the best result. It's a kind of fusion between passion and technique, hearts and thoughts, which is a very important ingredient for our tailor bust forms, designed to transmit positive energy.
We really hope to having raised curiosity and interest in you, enjoy our web-site and our wide range of products, hope you can find the one you want.

Take a tour of our tailors dummy.